Thank you / Sponsors

You can donate to VOICE Charter School by directly funding our teacher's proposal at:

VOICE Charter School thanks our Board of Directors and the donors that have assisted us in making the school what it is today!

VOICE Charter School has received the following grants:

  1. Maverick Foundation for $10,000.00 for musical instruments and supplies, written by Fund Development Fellow, Tara Noronha.
  2. Taproot Grant, written by Michael Kirkbride, Board Member, which will allow for the development of our website.
  3. Parents as Arts Partners Grant (PAAP), written by VOICE Parent, Gerry Beegan, which will allow our students to participate in programming at the Noguchi Museum.
  4. Active Learning Leads to Literacy (ALLL) Program through LEAP and supported by the U.S. Department of Education, was organized at VOICE by Franklin Headley, Principal.
  5. Center for Charter School Excellence Technical Assistance, Start-up, Fundraising, and Curriculum Development Grants, written by Michael Kirkbride, Board Member, and Franklin Headley, Principal