Collaboration, Efficacy, Arts-Infused Curriculum - "It's called VOICE."


"The magic is having each other and having the passion to make sure the students are learning."


"You will be pushed to become more."


“VOICE resurrected my teaching career."

Join the VOICE Charter School team!

VOICE is currently looking to hire individuals who will love and nurture all of our students; take personal responsibility and work collaboratively to ensure that all of our students achieve and grow; hold themselves to the highest standards; push and support themselves, their students, and their colleagues; proactively seek and incorporate feedback; and help each individual child gain the opportunity to choose what his or her future will be.

4 reasons to join the VOICE team:

At VOICE, it’s not just about the music. It’s about the people. It’s about what you can be. It’s about using your passion. It’s about relationships. It’s about having the opportunity to choose. It’s about caring enough. It’s about each individual child. Our teachers, administrators, students and parents support one another in our children’s education and operate as part of a professional learning community that promotes collegiality, shared work, and unending reflection and growth. At VOICE, you will be pushed to become more.

We believe in efficacy. At the core of our academic culture is the idea that all students are capable of doing well in any discipline. At VOICE, all students will learn.

We support and develop the effectiveness of our teachers. We believe that teachers need time to collaborate to build their practice, so we provide them with over two hours of planning time a day as well as additional days for curriculum development and training during the school year. 

We promote participation in music and the arts. As music and art help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills and open children's imaginations, all VOICE students participate in and learn from daily activities in the arts including rigorous choral training. We design our arts-integrated curriculum to bring joy to the lives of our children, providing them with the skills necessary to forge their own path.

For more information about VOICE from an external perspective, please see the article and video that the New York Times recently published about us after their visit in early December: Schools Finds Music Is the Food of Learning

We are actively hiring for the following positions for the 2017-2018 school year and would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your qualifications and experiences.

General Education Teacher
Special Education / ICT / SETSS Teacher
ESL Teacher
Art Teacher
Science Teacher
Middle School Art Teacher
Middle School ELA Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Literacy Intervention / ICT Teacher
Middle School Math Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Special Education / ICT /SETSS Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Science Teacher (6-8)

Director of Human Resources and Talent Support
HR Manager
Information Technology Manager
Classroom/Office Assistant

While VOICE is not actively hiring for the following positions, we are accepting applications for:

Middle School Physical Education Teacher (6-8)
Middle School Social Studies Teacher (6-8)
Music Teacher
Physical Education Teacher

If you’re interested in applying for a position that is not currently listed or if you’re unavailable this upcoming school year but may be available during future school years, please reach out to us at opportunities@voicecharterschool.org -- timing shouldn't ruin a great match!