What is a Charter School?

What is a charter school?

In New York City, charter schools are public schools that are able to maintain some independence from local school districts. In exchange for this independence, charter schools must maintain high standards of accountability by promising higher levels of academic achievement for their students. Each charter school has its own board of directors and is independent, although some charter schools are supported by education management organizations and thus share values and resources with other charters. The vast majority of funding for charter schools comes from tax levies and public money. VOICE Charter School is permitted to have a longer school day to accommodate our music program as a result of this charter status. For more information on charters and charter schools, please visit the website of the New York City Charter Center: http://www.nycchartercenter.org/

Why is VOICE Charter School unique?

VOICE Charter School incorporates music into a rigorous academic program. Students engage in musical activities for over two hours each day. This choral comprehension provides a strong base for creative and critical thinking. VOICE Charter School's holistic education allows each child to reach their true potential and nurtures our students to become leaders in their communities.

Who attends VOICE Charter School?

We have children currently enrolled from kindergarten through seventh grade. These children attend from all over School District 30, in the borough of Queens.

What are the times of the school day?

7:55 a.m. to 4:25 p.m.

Why such a long school day?

We are committed to providing children with a rigorous and arts-infused education. This takes time. We believe the variety of activities will sustain children through the day. The entire day is mandatory.

Why should I get involved as a volunteer at VOICE Charter School?

The future of our school and our children depends on the support of our community. As our students grow each year, our school does as well. The generosity of our neighbors and friends enables VOICE Charter School and its children to develop both academically and musically.

Where is the school located?

Our kindergarten, first, and second grade classes share space with P.S. 111Q in Long Island City, Queens. We have an additional campus located two blocks away, which hosts our second through seventh grade classes.

How do we apply?

See the Admissions tab on this website.

What type of transportation to school will my child receive?

VOICE does not provide busing. Student transportation is offered by the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation. Please go to the following URL address to learn more about the general education transportation eligibility guidelines: Click Here for the Transportation Guidelines.

Why can't you guarantee busing for my child?

VOICE Charter School does not provide busing and unfortunately we do not have the staff to provide customer service for busing issues. The Department of Education will provide busing in the same manner it does for district schools.

Lottery FAQ

What grades are in enrolling at VOICE Charter school?

For 2014-15, we will have kindergarten through seventh grade. Eventually, we will have all grades up to eighth grade. The enrollment lottery for the next academic year will be held in the spring, though we do accept applications for the waitlist throughout the year.

Who can apply to VOICE Charter school?

Admission to VOICE Charter School is free and open to all students in New York State. However, students living in Community School District 30, returning students, and siblings of returning students are given preference. See our admissions homepage for more information.

How do I find out what Community School District (CSD) I live in?

To find out your CSD, please visit the New York City Department of Education website. At the top of the page, select and/or type in the required fields (Borough, Address #, Street Prefix (if any), and Street Name) and then click on "Go." If you have any difficulties accessing the website, please contact the Office of Family Engagement and Advocacy at (212) 374-2323 or your local Department of Education enrollment office.

Why can't we call the school about admissions questions or just stop by?

Last year we received over 1000 inquiries and more than 800 applications, and the first responsibility of our school staff is the safety and education of our currently enrolled students. So that we can provide you with accurate information for you to make the best decision about your child's education, we have hired specially trained staff to follow up on your inquiries.

Why can't I mail my application or just hand in my application to the school?

We have set up a special mailbox to receive applications. Last year, we received more than 800 applications and the first responsibility of our school staff is the safety and education of our currently enrolled students. We have hired specially trained staff to receive and process applications.

The application asks for my child's student identification number? What if I don't know it?

Your child's Pre-Kindergarten teacher (or school) may know it. If not, no problem. Just leave that space blank.

I have a lot more questions. How do I get them answered?

Please email us at info@voicecharterschool.org

Do you accept the common application printed by NYC DOE?

Yes we do. Please make sure the application is received by the regular application deadline.