Principal's Message

Welcome to VOICE Charter School! We are a unique academic institution in Long Island City, Queens currently serving more than 600 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

At VOICE, all students learn, and all students sing. The choral curriculum at VOICE Charter School impacts our students in profound ways. Some students feel shy when speaking in class, but thrive in the comfort of groups during our daily music sessions. Other students who are not intimidated to be vocal and independent in their classrooms truly learn the importance of collaboration while singing or participating in a choral round. Our unique choral curriculum enhances so much more than our students’ musical abilities. This holistic approach to education fosters growth in leadership skills, patience, collaboration and creative thinking.

In the classroom, our young scholars have demonstrated an impressive range in early reading comprehension and learning. Following the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Workshop, our instructors guide students though meticulously prepared strategy lessons and assessments in reading and writing. VOICE students have displayed a remarkable aptitude for deconstructing stories and creating narratives of their own.

As we reflect on our accomplishments of previous years, we look forward to our growth ahead. Please visit this website often to keep track of our students’ progress and achievements. Student absences are low; with a strong 95% attendance rate, a testament to our families’ commitment to their children’s school and their education. With fourteen members on the PA’s executive committee and reaching up to 100% of parent participation at our concerts and PA meeting attendance, parent involvement is also overwhelmingly high.

Thank you for your interest and support of VOICE Charter School. We are tremendously grateful for support from our community and friends. We are seeking funding from individuals, organizations and corporations as we work to expand our unique music and academic programs in these challenging times.

- Franklin Headley, Principal of VOICE Charter School of New York



"At VOICE Charter School, all students learn and all children sing."